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MicroHex Flo Boxes

MicroHex Flo Boxes

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Epoxy and Walnut MicroHex dice boxes made to hold the small 10mm polyhedral dice. Walnut hand chosen for unique characteristics like figuring, wormholes, and exquisite coloring.  Price includes a set of 7 Mini dice.


    Ebonrook offers 30-day no questions refunds on all of our products if you are for any reason dissatisfied with your purchase. We strive to do our best work and would be very appreciative of any feedback you may have for us about your purchase, negative or positive.  There is a 15 % restocking fee for each returned item.


    Free Domestic Shipping available by USPS priority mail. Local Delivery available in the Prairie Grove, Farmington, and Fayetteville area.

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